Rogue One’s Diego Luna


I saw ROGUE ONE last night for the second time. I saw it earlier in the week as well. It really is an amazing film and is probably the best of the series after the first one. The writing is so good and the performances are superb.

Among the cast is Diego Luna, a Mexican actor who plays Cassian Andor, a Rebel Alliance Captain.

As I watched I realized that Luna would be perfect casting for a character of mine, Poet from my Ka Sirtago series.


Poet is companion to Sirtago, Ka (or prince) of the southern kingdom of Trigassa. Sirtago is a giant of a man, hideously scarred, constantly angry, brawling, drinking and whoring. Poet is his lifelong companion, his best friend who keeps him out of trouble or, if he can’t, at least keeps Sirtago pointed in the right direction.

The Sirtago stories are unabashedly sword and sorcery in the tradition of Robert E. Howard and  Fritz Leiber.

And in my personal fantasy, a Hollywood film made from the stories would star Diego Luna as Poet.

My Ka Sirtago stories are available on

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Two Gun Bob



See this guy? This is Bob.

It’s his birthday today. He would have been 110 years old if he hadn’t taken his own life in 1936.

He was a bit of an oddball. He lived his whole life in a small town in Texas and never traveled very far from there.

They made a movie about him, though. Well, it was really about his girlfriend. Vincent D’Onofrio played him.


Bob wrote a lot stuff in his short life and people still read it today. I have five big trade paperbacks in the bookshelf to my right that is filled with his words.

Bob created this guy:


So, Happy Birthday, Bob!