Timeline of a Cough/Cold and the overwhelming power of Love

So, I’ve had this cough/cold thing for the past week. It’s no mystery where I got it. Everyone at work has a variation of it and half the office is home because of it.

Mine is just bad enough to make itself known and to be personally annoying, but not debilitating enough to keep me home, particularly when there is so much to be done because half the office is absent.

However, as is usually the case when I get a cough or a chest cold, about three days in due to a particular combination of coughing and/or medication, my voice deepens and gets just enough of a rasp that I start to sound like Lou Rawls…

Or, Barry White, if you prefer…

Either way, my voice sounds deeper, huskier and… yes… sexier than normal. The ladies at the office have told me just to keep talking. One even suggested I start a 1-900 line!

The only woman who doesn’t find my new voice sexy is my wife. She hates it. I even tried to serenade her with “You’ll Never Find”. I managed to sing the first line before she said: “Oh, stop! Just stop!”

I never did understand that. But she explained that I only sound like this when I’m sick and no matter how “sexy” others find it, to her it just means that I am sick and she doesn’t like hearing me sick.

When she said that I was bowled over. I realized that her not liking my “sick” voice was a sign of love. It filled me with with a sense of awe at the depth of her love and made me realize just what a treasure my wife really is.

My wife loves me no matter how I sound, which is a good thing. Because the Lou Rawls/Barry White voice only lasts so long. After that’s over I start to sound less sexy and more like:

Despite that my wife is still there and cares for me when all others don’t. I am truly a lucky man.

Now, of course, my wife is starting to come down with it as I am getting better. I will be there for her, of course, but this time with greater conviction and a greater sense of how much I want to be deserving of that great love that she has for me.

After all, I did take a vow: “…in sickness and in health…”

Where the Hell Have You Been?


I know. I took off with barely a word. Made some bullshit excuse about having to go be some artist somewhere.

I’m sorry. Really I am.

And I don’t blame you for giving me that cold stare, walking back in here the way I’ve done. You’ve got a right to be pissed. I get that. I understand.

Let me just tell you a bit about where I’ve been… what I’ve been doing, alright? I’m just gonna take a seat…’s that okay?

So, like I said, I had to go and be M. D. Jackson for a while. I had to be an artist and the work I was doing was unexpected and intense. You know how I get when I’m working. I have to concentrate and focus. And this was done in (digital) pen and ink. You know how exacting that kind of work is, don’t you?

What was I working on? Well, there’s this anthology coming out from Airship 27 Publishing. It’s an anthology about Sinbad… you know… the sailor, not the comedian. I had to do twelve illustrations. Then I suddenly had to do three more. No, don’t ask me why, I can’t really say. But, you know what? As intense as the work was, it was fun!

No, I can’t show them to you. No, really, that’s not for me to do. That’s up to the publisher…

Well, maybe just a peek…


Good stuff, right?

Yeah, so, what else have I been up to? Well, I saw Deadpool. Loved it. I also saw the Coen Brothers’ latest flick, Hail, Caesar. I liked that, too! It had a real nifty “Old Hollywood” atmosphere and the Coen Brothers’ usual brand of humor and a fantastic cast. I’ll tell you all about it later, I promise.

Right now, though. I picked up a bit of a cough, which is why I sound like Lou Rawls or Barry White. And I’m a bit tired.

You know I missed you. Kept thinking about you the whole time I was gone. No, really! Couldn’t get you off my mind.

Hey, there’s a smile! You really are the best, you know? I don’t know why I go away when you are just so darn fabulous. I won’t do it again. I promise.

So… is there any food in the place? I’m starving! Any chance of you fixing me a sandwich? We can cuddle on the couch afterwards? Maybe we could put on some music, huh?