For some reason my thoughts turned this week to the Isle of Sky in Scotland. What prompted these thoughts? it wasn’t the fact that the Skye scenery features so predominantly in the opening sequence of PROMETHEUS (though it does). No it was a song by the British Band JETHRO TULL, Broadford Bazaar, that came up on my itunes and got me wondering where the Broadford Bazaar would take place.

That led me to Skye and its beautiful scenery and to the Fairy Pools.

Now I knew that the ancient Celts had a special relationship with pools of water. They were considered to be entrances to the faery realm and offerings were frequently dropped into them. That particular fact is a plot element in a novel that I am thinking about writing, (a historical adventure set in Roman Britain which I have tentatively titled BONES OF THE EARTH) and I was vaguely aware of the existence of such pools.

Seeing them recently, though, stopped me short. I was already marveling over the scenery of Skye, which is heartrendingly beautiful to begin with, but these pools are really something special.

So I am determined to visit them. (Actually, after looking at the photos I’m keen to pack up and move there!) I gather that they are popular tourist destinations. I’m not keen on visiting them if they’re going to be lousy with tourists so maybe I’ll visit them in winter. That would make for a cold plunge (there’s no point going there and not swimming in them) but growing up in Canada I’m used to cold water swims. I just wonder how easy it would be to get away diving in completely naked, because that just seems to be the only way to do it properly.

And who knows? I may encounter some fairy, nymph or dryad while swimming. Either that or my hairy naked form will startle some unsuspecting tourist.

Either way one of us will have something to write home about.