Timeline of a Cough/Cold and the overwhelming power of Love

So, I’ve had this cough/cold thing for the past week. It’s no mystery where I got it. Everyone at work has a variation of it and half the office is home because of it.

Mine is just bad enough to make itself known and to be personally annoying, but not debilitating enough to keep me home, particularly when there is so much to be done because half the office is absent.

However, as is usually the case when I get a cough or a chest cold, about three days in due to a particular combination of coughing and/or medication, my voice deepens and gets just enough of a rasp that I start to sound like Lou Rawls…

Or, Barry White, if you prefer…

Either way, my voice sounds deeper, huskier and… yes… sexier than normal. The ladies at the office have told me just to keep talking. One even suggested I start a 1-900 line!

The only woman who doesn’t find my new voice sexy is my wife. She hates it. I even tried to serenade her with “You’ll Never Find”. I managed to sing the first line before she said: “Oh, stop! Just stop!”

I never did understand that. But she explained that I only sound like this when I’m sick and no matter how “sexy” others find it, to her it just means that I am sick and she doesn’t like hearing me sick.

When she said that I was bowled over. I realized that her not liking my “sick” voice was a sign of love. It filled me with with a sense of awe at the depth of her love and made me realize just what a treasure my wife really is.

My wife loves me no matter how I sound, which is a good thing. Because the Lou Rawls/Barry White voice only lasts so long. After that’s over I start to sound less sexy and more like:

Despite that my wife is still there and cares for me when all others don’t. I am truly a lucky man.

Now, of course, my wife is starting to come down with it as I am getting better. I will be there for her, of course, but this time with greater conviction and a greater sense of how much I want to be deserving of that great love that she has for me.

After all, I did take a vow: “…in sickness and in health…”

STAR WARS: The Force Awakens


Taking a break from reviewing Netflix movies because I FINALLY got in to see STAR WARS: The Force Awakens

So… STAR WARS… yeah, well, I liked it.

It certainly got a better shake from JJ than Star Trek did. You can`t watch it and scowl and say: “That`s not Star Wars! Star Wars would never do that! That’s not what the original Star Wars was all about!”

So… in that respect… yes! Big success.

Do I sound a bit bitter? Never mind.

I love the new characters. I love Finn and Rey. Rey especially! Daisy Ridley is just so damned cute! She reminded me of the heroines from the french SF comic books I used to read and love when I was a kid. I can’t think of any specific titles. I’d have to go hunting for them, but… you know… Metal Hurlant, Pilote, those sorts of titles.

Yeah, sure a lot of the film felt like a kind of “Getting the band back together” sort of tale, having to find Han and Chewie, then Han and Leia with their utterly predictable dialogue, then finally Luke (with absolutely NO dialogue! Presumably he’ll have a more substantial role in the next installment).

It hit all the right notes. It delivered. And no matter how much George Lucas complains it doesn’t matter. This is the sequel that fans clearly wanted.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say.

Except this: The last film I reviewed on this blog was EX MACHINA. When I selected it to watch I had not idea… NO IDEA… that Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson were BOTH in The Force Awakens. I have been avoiding spoilers like crazy and paying no attention whatsoever to stories about the movie that it completely escaped my notice. So when I randomly decided to watch EX MACHINA it was a complete fluke that the two male leads also happened to be in this film.

Anyway, that just felt kind of trippy to me.

I know a lot of people are going to see Star Wars over and over again, and I probably will go see it at least once more before it leaves theaters, but for now I will get back to reviewing SF movies on Netflix. Maybe tomorrow.