Christmas Party


First Christmas party of the season is at the hotel my wife works at. It’s a nice hotel and we’re in a banquet area called the Sockeye Room.

My wife wears a beautiful dress and she looks stunning… too good to be working at their silly hotel. I wear a shirt and a pinkish gray tie and a pair of shoes I haven’t worn since my daughter’s wedding.

I drink a couple of Coronas and try to make small talk with the manager’s husband who has some classic cars he keeps in a heated garage. When dinner is served I eat Turkey and ham, mashed potatoes and carrots. There’s draw prizes which I do not win and a trivia contest which I do (well, only one wrong answer) and we listen to Christmas music.

Later that night… maybe because of the shoes or the tie or not generally being at my most comfortable at parties… my back killing me. I can’t sit in one position for any length of time. I lie on the floor and try to get my spine back into alignment.

Finally I take some pills and my wife urges me to go to bed. I sleep but my dreams are punctuated with Rolling Stones lyrics.

All night long I can’t get no… no, no no…

It was a good time.