DWQ Teaser

Oh yeah. It’s coming. And it’s gonna be yuuuge!

So what is DWQ? I can’t tell you. I’m just gonna leave this here, though, and let you all speculate amongst yourselves.

When I am allowed to, I will spill the beans.


I Like it “Spicy”!

“Spicy” Pulp covers from back in the day are sexist, misogynistic, lurid and violent, and yet at the same time, kind of goofy. This handful of examples is pretty tame in comparison to a lot of others, but it does give you the general idea.

Is it wrong that I love them so much?


It’s Been a Bad Week for Writing


Yeah. It’s been a bad week.

I started the week with high hopes of getting some writing done. I had made a little progress on just about every bit of work I have going on which includes a short story, three short novels and, of course, the dreaded SEQUEL.

So naturally I was counting on that streak continuing and getting stronger but since Monday I have not written one goddamn word. These words that I am typing represent the only thing I have written since this week began.

Naturally it has been demoralizing.

Part of my problem is my growing unease with the Trump administration in America. It’s not even my goddamned country but his obvious insanity and the fact that he controls a bunch of nuclear missiles has led to some sleepless nights. It’s like trying to sleep in a house where you know there is a machete-wielding monkey wandering around. Sure, it’s not your monkey or your machete, but that doesn’t exactly make for a restful night.

So, here I am, my allotted time for writing winding down and all I’ve managed to pen is this aimless and wandering blog post.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow will be better.

I guess that’s the mantra for a lot of people right now.

Stay safe, everyone.

Hard Copy now available

Don’t like e-books? Miss the tactile experience you get with actual, physical, printed-on-paper type books?

Well, my latest book TIME LIKE BROKEN GLASS is now available from my publisher, Rage Machine Books in a print version! You can order a copy and get it at a 30% discount for a limited time!

Just follow THIS LINK or click on the book cover below:

Time Like Broken Glass_Cvr


2017: Day 2


A belated Happy New Year to all my readers.

Two days into the New Year and, just like the Queen, I have a cold. Unlike the Queen I don’t have a small army of servants to pick up my tissues. On the other hand I did manage to write 800 or so words on a new short story, so… there’s that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a tissue.

Hope your 2017 is going well so far.

Rogue One’s Diego Luna


I saw ROGUE ONE last night for the second time. I saw it earlier in the week as well. It really is an amazing film and is probably the best of the series after the first one. The writing is so good and the performances are superb.

Among the cast is Diego Luna, a Mexican actor who plays Cassian Andor, a Rebel Alliance Captain.

As I watched I realized that Luna would be perfect casting for a character of mine, Poet from my Ka Sirtago series.


Poet is companion to Sirtago, Ka (or prince) of the southern kingdom of Trigassa. Sirtago is a giant of a man, hideously scarred, constantly angry, brawling, drinking and whoring. Poet is his lifelong companion, his best friend who keeps him out of trouble or, if he can’t, at least keeps Sirtago pointed in the right direction.

The Sirtago stories are unabashedly sword and sorcery in the tradition of Robert E. Howard and  Fritz Leiber.

And in my personal fantasy, a Hollywood film made from the stories would star Diego Luna as Poet.

My Ka Sirtago stories are available on Amazon.com

heralded-by-blood_amazon-cvr pieces-in-a-game_cvr  greenbeastdisplay

We’re almost there


Time is an illusion. The delineation of years by numbers… 2016, 2017… is an artifact of a calendar constructed by an emperor 2,061 years ago.

What is not so ephemeral is the certainty of the Winter Solstice. That is the day marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This year that falls on December 21, which is tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the darkest day of 2016. After that, the light comes back. Having reached the furthest limits of its orbit, the Earth continues its journey around the sun, swinging closer and bringing back the longer daylight.

In other words, after tomorrow things will get brighter. In an astronomical sense, anyway.

Personally I am going to be a lot busier. Preparations for Christmas have to be made and this week at my day job is one of the busiest of the year. My daughter comes home and brings the real feeling of Christmas with her.

Also this week has seen a marked increase in snowfall which means I spend a lot of my time outside with a shovel. That is not natural for me. Being in the cold and exerting myself are not my favorite activities. Sitting in a comfy chair, being warm and well fed is more my style. So, blogging becomes a luxury from here on in.

Tomorrow the gloom is at its most gloomy. After that we can look at each other and say; `Well done! We made it!“ then gorge ourselves until we collapse. That is the way of things in the North.

So, if you survive the gloom, if you are around to read these words when the light begins to come back… well done. You made it. I hope whatever celebration of that you choose is pleasant and full of joy.

Take care, my friends.