“It’s a madhouse! A MADHOUSE!” Black Friday


Today is Black Friday which has nothing to do with black history month (as a friend of mine once thought).

No, Black Friday is the first official shopping day of the Christmas season, the day that traditionally, since 1961, retail stores have gone from being in the red to being in the black. This is when your consumer goods retailers start to show a profit.

The retailers themselves are complicit in driving consumers into a frenzy, a mindless rage of acquisition at any cost. No quarter is given, but lots of dollars flow and chaos and mayhem erupt on the showroom floors.

It’s a madhouse out there. If you are sensible you will stay home. One day of bargains on stock that the outlets need to get rid of before littering their display floors with shiny new Christmas goods is not worth the risk of being a victim of a crowd of bargain frenzied, soulless consumers.

It’s like the zombie apocalypse but without weapons.

And if you do have to venture forth or, worse, are employed in a retail outlet (shudder) then take care.

Don’t die out there.

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