Yes. We have no bananas.

We have no bananas today.

This was the banana display at my local No Frills store last night. As you can see, there are no bananas. Well, there’s one, yeas, but honestly it was very unattractive. The last inch of it had turned a gangrenous black. Trust me, no one’s eating that banana.

So where have all the bananas gone? Well, at 66 cents a pound they very likely have just been shopped out. I don’t know if this is a disturbing sign of the end times or anything and, no, I did not check any other stores to see if their supply of bananas was up to snuff. Perhaps this is the beginning of the great banana apocalypse of 2016?

Or maybe it was just a good deal.

I’m not complaining for myself, though. I like bananas but I can’t eat them. They give me an upset stomach. My wife doesn’t like them. So, again, this is not a personal tragedy or anything. Nevertheless I think it behooves me to check out the banana situation at the other grocery stores in town today. I need to do the legwork and discover for myself if this is a real thing or merely a one-time anomaly.

I will investigate and, believe me, I will be reporting back.


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