Cough/Cold Update

The cough/cold is all but gone. After sounding like Lou Rawls/Barry White, Morgan Freeman, Chewbacca and the audio track of an Akira Kurosawa film I’m back to sounding like myself and, you know what? Myself is not a bad thing to be!

Me and Moggy

On the weekend my wife and I put together a new computer desk (well, new to us. We bought it off a friend). We decided that a new workspace needed a new chair as our old re-purposed kitchen chair wasn’t quite up to snuff anymore. One quick trip downtown and – voila! The perfect chair for the brand new work space!


There’s even a little corner for some of my silly desk toys.


Now let’s see if the combination of my recovery and the new workspace makes me more productive!

Well, hope spring eternal…

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