DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League


I’ve been taking a break from Netflix movie reviews for a couple of days partly because of other writing commitments and party just out of sheer exhaustion. The exhaustion is down to Winter, pure and simple. Winter is kickin’ my ass, man.

But then this happened. A couple of nights ahead of the premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the CW aired a special about the upcoming films in the DC Comics universe

I missed this special when it aired the other night but I caught it all on Youtube just now. and it was kind of exciting, which was a surprise. Honestly I have been expecting little to nothing from the DC Comics movies. DC in the films has been handed their asses by the Marvel Movie juggernaut, so much so that I, like a lot of people, had counted them out.

But it seems they’ve got some fight left and this special was their way of sounding the trumpet, blasting in front of the place where DC characters have had the strongest showing so far, on TV.

So, other than Kevin Smith fangirling all over Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics, the special offers a glimpse at the projects that DC Films is working on and some of the ones that are just in the development stage. It also talks about the upcoming Superman v. Batman movie and frames it’s subtitle in no uncertain terms. Dawn of Justice will be the dawn of the Justice League movie (which will be DC’s answer, belated as it is, to Marvel’s Avengers)


The footage from Wonder Woman was intriguing. It’s clear that her first solo effort is a period piece set during WWII. Obviously Wonder Woman is ageless because she appears in Batman v. Superman looking exactly the same. Presumably Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is dead by then (or, perhaps, very, very old?)

Still, the footage looks interesting and Gal Godot seems to have been the right pick for the role. She even manages to pull off a resemblance to Lynda Carter, the 1970’s TV Wonder Woman in a couple of scenes. Her fight scenes are a lot more intense, though. She’s a real badass.

My only question, and this is the same question that I had about Man of Steel, is why is it all so dark? It all looks like it was filmed Day for Night, even the daytime scenes? What’s up with that? I can understand that Batman has to have that vibe, but these iconic heroes are the very embodiment of the Four Color Heroes. They are meant to be bright primary colors, not skulking in the shadows.


It’s ironic that Marvel heroes, originally darker and more graduated, are coming across in their movies as much more colorful than their DC counterparts. What’s with that?


The one film where that would work is the upcoming Suicide Squad film. The special ended with the second trailer for that film and it was very exciting. This film could very well be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a surprise sleeper hit.

We have to wait for August for that film, though, but Dawn of Justice and our first real look at Wonder Woman, releases sooner, on March 25th.

I am actually getting kind of excited about this. Go figure!


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