Happy Birthday to Me!


Yesterday was my birthday. I have officially crossed the halfway mark between birth and 100.

I had a good day. My wife took me out for sushi and Sapporo and I had a marvelous time. Unfortunately that’s got me feeling a bit sluggish this morning so no review this morning. I managed to write my weekly blog post for the AMAZING STORIES website (final thoughts on the death of David Bowie – that will go live on Friday morning) last night and I find that this morning I don’t have it in me to write a review just yet.

I will be reviewing ATTACK THE BLOCK and OBLIVION next. I actually saw OBLIVION first but I liked ATTACK THE BLOCK so much better I want to do it justice and I have such mixed feelings about the film. Also there is such a lot of racial subtext in the film and writing about that is a tricky thing.

So this morning I spent happily basking in the glow of last night’s celebration of beer and raw fish. I’ll write reviews later. I’m 51 now. I need the break.

Back soon.


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