Summertime Blues

Beach Read 1

Well, sales of DEBT’S PLEDGE have dropped considerably since the beginning of July and I suppose that is because it is the summertime.

Summertime used to be a good time for book sales. There are a very large number of books that have been described as good “beach reads”. The traditional image is of someone, usually a woman, perhaps the mother of a family on vacation, lounging on a deck chair, sunblock covering her nose, and engaging with a book. While the kids frolic in the waves and Dad guzzles beer, Mom takes time to lose herself in a good read.

Well, that’s a cliche, of course, and my little scenario is outdated and more than a little sexist. People read books in the summer in many different ways. Men, women and children find time for books in between BBQ’s and the beach in many different ways.

But since my book is primarily available on Kindle (and for Nook and Kobo too) how do people engage with books using their e-readers?

I am an e-book author but I am shockingly ignorant when  it comes to engaging with a reading device. Do people take their Kindles to the beach? How do people feel about their e-readers? Do they have the same passion for it as I have for a beloved paperback or hardcover?

For me the whole experience of the book at the beach is, I imagine, different from the experience of the e-reader at the beach. Can you read the screen in the bright sunshine? Battery life is obviously a concern, as is the ever present dangers of sand and seawater.

Sand is of little consequence to a paper book and seawater, although terribly inconvenient, does not render a paper book unreadable. Either one of these hazards in the wrong place could render an e-reader and , consequently, its entire contents, in some cases a whole library’s worth of books, completely inaccessible.

So this is my question: What place does your e-reader have at the 4th of July picnic, or at your summer vacation at the cottage or the lake or on the beach at Cancun?

I’m genuinely interested to hear from e-reader owners. What are your feelings about your e-reader on vacation and what are your concerns, if any, for its safety?

Leave a comment or email me. (You can find my email at the right of the screen underneath my picture). Let me know.

And enjoy the summer!