The cold virus is really tiny — almost insignificant. Until, that is, the virus begins to multiply. Soon there is enough of it in your system to bring you down.

So here I am engaging chemical warfare against the little viruses, my body the ravaged battleground. The allied forces of Jack Mackenzie are combining an arsenal of weaponry — fluids, Contact C — and strategy — as much rest as possible — to route the enemy.

It’s working, fortunately. Unfortunately, as with most combat, it gets rather messy, especially around the beaches.

Also not so fortunate, with all resources going into the war effort, regular diversions, such as blogging, have to be put on hold while we make the final push to vanquish the enemy once and for all. Posts need to be rationed. You understand. There is a war on after all.

Hopefully I will be back in full strength after the armistice.

For now: “…we shall fight on the beaches… we shall fight in the fields and in the streets…  we shall never surrender!

Over the top, boys! It’s D-Day!

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