The Green Beast

An all- new Ka Sirtago and Poet adventure, THE GREEN BEAST is now available at Amazon .com exclusively for Kindle.

This is a sword and sorcery novella in the grand old pulp tradition of WEIRD TALES. Sirtago, the prince — the Ka — of the kingdom of Trigassa and his trusted companion, the sensitive and erudite scholar, Poet, travel from Trigassa to the neighboring castle ruled by the enigmatic Baron Ogmund.

But something is rotten in the castle of Baron Ogmund. Sirtago, the lusty Ka of the realm, and his sensitive companion, Poet, are onto a mystery involving a terrible green beast. The creature is killing the fishermen of the local village and the truth is so strange it will call into question everything, even the faithfulness of the Empress, Sirtago’s own mother!

It’s $2.99 and you can buy it at


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